Winners List


We are very pleased that you have become part of the “Polish International Film Festival 2022”
The awarding of the winners of the Festival will be held in turn for each category starting from today, August 26th.
This process may take some time, but all winners will be awarded as soon as possible.

We would also like to sincerely thank every director and screenwriter who took part in the Festival and showed very worthy works. It was an amazing and at the same time inspiring Event for all of us!

Best International Feature Films

North of the night - Olivier SIMON

Exile - Martina Reese

Yabuhara Kengyo II - Hiroshi Gokan

I AM ALMOST NOT MAD - Sidney Leoni

Best International Short Films

Da Capo – The Town of Music - Darc Mavid

Oregano - Marcin Sawko

WRITE - Paweł Majstrenko

Ukraine in Fire - Igor Parfenov

Best Experimental Films

Q 1 - Silvano Perozic

Cracked - MAHMUT TAŞ

Camera - Shogo Hashimoto

Four Ladies Dancing - ROCKY SCHENCK

Best Documentary Films

Toyota and Windbreaker - Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen

Catham County - Lacey Kathleen Adair

Bittersweet - Christopher Paik-Swan

7 years art from Berlin "BrückenKunst" 2019 - Gilbert Brüning

Best Animation Films

The Better Angels - Michael Cusack

dystopia - bellopropello

HIDE - Daniel Benjamin Gray

Solstice - Justin Vu

Best Music Video

I am Human - Wolka - Daniel Le Hai

A Feast That Never Comes - Maria Juranic

PROGedia - We Are the Night - Alessandro Amaducci

Jana Turcin lagala - Tomasz Pasula

Best film about the sights of Poland

Silent Night - Barbara Medajska

Sonya - Shira Sznaider

On my way - Elwira Iwanowska

In a kinda ordinary system - Mikołaj Piszczan

Best Trailer

Charlie Winner - Sport Bum - Florian Mortan

Reinventados - Josefina Cabezón

Best Screenplay

1st Place: Review - Jonathan Zarantonello

2nd Place: The Black Volga - Robert A. Palmer

3rd Place: Niemcy - The Strangers - Aart Pawel, Winfrid Steinmann

Best Short Screenplay

1st Place: I Turn Grills On - Lizzy De Vita, Sarah Greenbaum

2nd Place: AGAIN - Katarzyna Müller

3rd Place: Solid Spirit - Soroosh Roohbakhsh